Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Deer Creek Trail on Earth Day

April 22, 2018

Trip Report Submitted By Ron Pickens

Date & Day: 04-22-2018, Sunday

Location: Imnaha, Deer Creek Trail #1765

Project Name: Earth Day

Project Leader: Ron Pickens

Safety Officer: Andie Leuders

Safety Briefing by: Ron Pickens

PRESENT: Ron Pickens, Dylan Edwards, Miles McFall, Andie Leuders, Terry Hiatt, Joel Malstrom, Bob Pace, Mary Kay Pace, Dakota Anderson, Hunter Anderson, Jed Lamb, Josef Ramirez, Justice Mcquown, Anthony, Christopher, Ashley Wilson, Daniel Delancy, Natalie Goldsmith, Katie Olson

PREP: Ron Pickens and Jessica scouted the trail Saturday morning. Sunday, everyone met at Building Healthy Families at 8:00am, signed volunteer forms presented by Ron and double checked by Miles. The crew did a quick ‘ice breaker’ and departed for Imnaha around 8:40am. After about an hour drive, the crew unloaded and prepared individual packs. Ron led a tailgate safety meeting and talked about JHAs such as tool use, hiking uneven terrain, ticks, snakes, rolling rocks, removing blowdowns, food and water quantities.

WEATHER: Sunny Bluebird Day. Temps in the upper 60s.

WHAT HAPPENED: The crew started hiking and working around 10:30am. Joel and Terry worked with two youth at the trailhead removing trash and replacing and adding a new sign designating trail location. Their crew took ‘sweep’ for the duration of the trip. The remainder of the crews hiked onward working on clearing brush while Bob and Mary Kay took two teens and cleared 4 blowdowns. The crews stopped around 12:30 for a lunch around mile 1.75. After lunch Ron decided it was time to get folks up to the top to start building rock cairns and grubbing tread. Everyone was able to make it to the top and help rebuild 12 cairns except Joel and Terry. It seemed everyone was excited to get out of the timber and see views of the Wallowas.

TOOLS AND SAFETY: A few teens complained of hot spots on their feet. No major issues overall

TO DO: More brushing could be worked on from mile 1.75 to tree line. It isn’t terrible but some additional love could be needed. There are a few spots in timber where some retread could be completed. One 12’’ diameter blowdown remains laying parallel to the trail. Limbs were removed but crew felt it was complex with different tension and binds existing. Above tree line tread work could be completed to help folks really see where the trail goes.

OTHER: Early Season Bear Hunters


Miles of trail cleared: 1.75

Blowdowns Removed: 4

Cairns Built: 12

Signs worked on: 2

Number of Vehicles: 4

Round trip miles to/from job site: 90 miles

Hours round trip drive time: 2 hours

Volunteer Work Hours: 19 people x 6 hours = 114 hours

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