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Training Sessions for 2021 Field Season

First Aid & CPR

April 30, 8 am-2:30 pm
Wallowa Memorial Hospital, Enterprise

This training is COVID safe: maximum of 9 people, well-spaced, masks required, each participant will have their own training equipment. The cost is $50 with possible financial support from WMHCTA. To sign up for this training email info@wmhcta.org.

We are currently working to arrange more sessions for first aid and advanced first aid, crosscut and chainsaw certification, and pack and saddle training. We will post details here as they become available.

More Information

Tool Use and Maintenance

Saws that Sing: A Guide to Using Crosscut Saws

USDA Chainsaw & Crosscut Saw Training Course

Preparing for the Field

Wilderness Connect: Learn About Wilderness

Leave No Trace for the Outdoor Workplace

WMHCTA Gear Guidelines for Volunteers

Trail Construction, Maintenance & Specs

USFS Standard Trail Plans and Specifications

USDA Trail Construction & Maintenance Notebook

USFS Abridged Trails Manual

USFS Volunteer Guidelines & Info

Welcome to the Forest Service: A Guide for Volunteers

USFS Health and Safety Code Handbook 2016

Health & Safety

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan

COVID-19 Pre-Trip Screening Questionnaire

COVID-19 High Risk Factors Acknowledgement

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