Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Dobbin Creek

July 25-27, 2018

On July 25-27, a crew of six worked in brutally hot weather on the Dobbin Creek Trail (USFS #1654) between Bear Creek and Standley Cabin. Four of the six (accompanied by search/camp-dog, Kea) rode pack stock up the Bear Creek Trail (USFS #1653) and camped near the Dobbin Creek Trail junction. The other two worked down from USFS Trail #1677 near Standley Cabin.

The crew removed 145 logs and poles, some as big as 30″ diameter, but most in the 12-14″ range; most were sawed, some flipped off the trail by hand, so the entire length of the trail is now clear of logs. Some essential brush removal was also accomplished. The tread is still rough in spots with rocks, but is passable. The crew reports there are 50 or so trees and poles down on trail #1677 between Bearwallow and the Dobbin Creek Trail junction.

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