Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Wagon Road Bridge Repair

June 7, 2019

On National Public Lands Day, September 29, 2018, a small crew made repairs to two bridges on the Wagon Road Trail (USFS #1819) where it crosses the Middle Fork of Big Sheep Creek just downstream from the Tenderfoot Trailhead. The first bridge was in such bad shape that we stripped off all of the old bridge deck. With the deck gone, it was apparent that one of the main bridge stringers was rotten and weak, so we felled a standing dead tree and skidded it into place for reinforcement. Finally we nailed down new bridge decking of 3 x 12 planks.

On the next bridge the plank that provided a base for the angled handrail supports had broken and was no longer providing the necessary support. We made the repair by replacing the first two planks on the bridge.

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