Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

North Fork Catherine Creek

July 11-14, 2020

On July 11-14, nine WMHCTA volunteers cleared trails in the upper reaches of the North Fork of Catherine Creek. Enjoying the benefits of fine weather, and avoiding the challenges of knee-buckling bogs, the crew removed over 90 trees, cut out hundreds of saplings that were crowding the trail, and bent their backs to improve tread and get water off the trail.

The team brought some “new” technology to the art of clearing trail, making creative use of a hydraulic jack, an old climbing rope, and a bunch of climbing gear, including pulleys, carabiners, and prusiks, to harness some mechanical advantage while safely removing trees.

With several ex-smokejumpers on the crew, there were some tall tales told around the campfire as well!

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