Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

BC Creek Bridge & Chief Joseph Trail #1803

May 22, 2021

Nineteen volunteers worked on a Saturday through spring showers to complete the BC Creek Bridge and clear the Chief Joseph Trail as far as the cutoff to the state park! The trail crew did a great job of clearing brush, especially ceanothus (or wild lilac), and reestablishing tread to its proper place in at least half a dozen locations. Special kudos to John Green and Brooke Greenshields, who wielded grub hoes and a Pulaski all day to improve tread. Mary Pace also got some grub hoe experience. Mike Hansen, Dylan Edwards, and Bill Whitmire did a fantastic job cleaning out a really witch's broom of a down log and moving the trail about six feet back up the hill. In all 8 trees across the trail were removed. Spirits were high, people had a good time, and all were excited to see the trail come back from the dead in time for Memorial Day weekend.

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