Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Twin Lakes Trail

July 6-11, 2022

Two incredible volunteers spent five days at the Twin Lakes Campground, hiking down each day to clear more of the upper half of the Twin Lakes Trail. Trees killed by a fire over thirty years ago had been rotting at the base and falling in great numbers. They cleared 33 trees with a chainsaw where allowed in the half mile from the trailhead to the wilderness boundary, and then another 50 by hand in the next three-quarters of a mile. Because the trail had not been maintained for so long, there was a sizeable quantity of brush growing fully across it that needed to be cleared, some of it one to two inches in diameter. They found relief from the summer heat at a small creek nearby.

More work remains to be done on the lower half of the trail, and some step-over logs removed. Given how overgrown the trail had become, this work party made amazing strides toward making the whole area more useable. Thank you volunteers!

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