Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Imnaha River Trail

March 12 & April 2, 2022

Thirteen intrepid volunteers showed up for our first work party of the 2022 season on the Imnaha River Trail #1713. It was mid-March and the weather could not have been more perfect for trail work with sunshine throughout the day and temperatures in the 60s. Our hearty crew split up into two work groups, one hiked to the Snake and Imnaha Rivers confluence and worked their way back to the Cow Creek Bridge while the second group worked from the bridge to meet group one part way on the trail. They mostly focused on brushing and small tree removal, tackling blackberry vines and poison ivy along the way. In addition to clearing four miles of trail, they improved 30 yards of tread, removed winter rock slides from the trail, and repaired a culvert. The group had so much fun, many returned on April 2 for final touches. Thank you Imnaha River crew for kicking the season off so successfully!

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