Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Reservoir Bench and 32-Pt Trail

May 18-22, 2022

A group of four intrepid volunteers spent three to five days camping and clearing trails in the variable May weather on Reservoir Bench Trail and 32-Pt Trail. There was too much snow to get to the Summit Ridge near PO Saddle as originally planned, so they hiked in from the Copper Creek trailhead on Hells Canyon Reservoir. They cleared about four miles of that trail, but ran into a large group of deadfall trees that had been killed by fire many years ago. There were about 30 trees in a quarter mile near Lynch Creek, so they set up camp and spent most of their time cutting and dragging logs out of way. The largest was a 15 foot long section of a 42" pine. They spent Saturday morning hiking the three miles north to where the 32-Pt Trail joins in, and put in a new cairn, signpost, and three trail signs. They found an additional 80 trees across that section, so more work is yet to be done! Many thanks to this tough team for making these beautiful sections of trail passable again.

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