Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Lostine River Trail

June 28- July 1, 2023 

Lantz Hughes and his mule John Wayne led a big project and a team of 5 up the up East Fork and West Fork of Lostine river. 

 "I rode in to snow approximately 4 miles up the trail tied up my mule and walked another mile to the head of the valley looking to Eagle cap. Cut out a few small poles that had fallen across the trail but basically decided that we were going to focus on repairing and rebuilding water bars the next few days....

 Day 2, I rode up the West Fork of the Lostine to assess what that trail needed for repairs. I was only able to ride approximately 3 miles before coming into the avalanche area and trail no longer accessible. I took along a shovel and began repairing waterbars on the route back to the Two Pan Trailhead. 29 water bars were repaired or rebuilt from mile marker 2, to avalanche area mile 3. One small log was removed from across the trail. No work was done below that point to the trailhead. I spent evening cleaning out horse mangers in the horse area at end of the road. 

 Day 3 consisted of crew of 5. We focused strictly on repairing and cleaning water bars on the East Fork Lostine trail. 174 water bars were cleaned rebuilt or repaired. 5 miles of trail was rocked. This was an extensive 10 1/2 hour day of trail tread maintenance. Hand tools, shovels polaski, grubhoe were the tools of the trade."

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