Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association

Eureka & Chalk Creeks

April 30-May 4, 2023 

Starting at  Dug Bar with 2 rafts,  volunteers floated to Eureka Bar and set up camp.  They worked along the Imnaha River to a large rockslide area and cleared many rocks from the trail that evening.  The next day they cleared brush and rocks from the Imnaha and Eureka Creek trails using the Stihl gas-powered hedge trimmer.  

On Day 3 we floated to Salmon Bar, set up camp, and worked on the Chalk Creek trail.  We built many rock cairns to mark where the trail traversed open grassland without a tread, and cleared rocks and improved tread on side slopes where there was a tread.  We also cut a post and put up a trail sign where the trail starts at Salmon Bar.  On Day 4, they floated to a camp just above Cache Creek and set up their final camp.  In addition, volunteers cleared brush from the road/trail up Garden Gulch to where it connects to the Bench trail # 1691.  

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