WMHCTA Upcoming Trail Projects

Upcoming Trail Projects 

2023 Completed Trail Projects & Trainings

Big Sheep Bog (Tenderfoot TH)

Friday, Sept. 29

Lostine Wildlife Trail Maintenance #2

September 22   & September 23

Cougar Ridge

September 1-September 3

Rock Creek

August 26- September 2

Sullivan Creek #2

August 26-August  28

Lackey's Hole

August 12-19

Sullivan Creek #1

August 6- August 8

Little Kettle Creek

August 3- August 6

Upper Minam River

July 24- July 28

Rock Springs Trail 

July 22-July 23

Mule Peak (complete)

July 15-17

Twin Lakes Cluster (complete)

July 6-July 13

Lostine Wildlife Area (complete)

July 7-8, 2023

 Horse Ranch (complete)

July 5-July 11

E Fork Lostine River (complete)

July 1

Murphy Creek #1 (complete)

June 23-June 26

  Lake Fork Creek #1

   Southern Wallowas (complete)

 June 9

32 Point Creek #1 (complete)

June 7-June 11

McCully Creek Trail (complete)

Saturday, June 3

Meads Flat (complete)

June 2- June 4

East Fork Wallowa River Trail #2 (complete)

Saturday, May 27

Reservoir Bench (complete)

May 26-May 31

Hurricane Creek (complete)

Sunday, May 21

Mt. Joseph Trail (complete)

Saturday, May 20

East Fork Wallowa River Trail #1 (complete)

Saturday, May 13

Rhodes Creek (complete)

May 13-14

Falls Creek Trail (complete)

Friday, May 12

Eureka-Chalk Creeks (complete)

April 30-May 4

Tulley Creek Tread Training


May 6-7

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